Why CEOs Get It All Wrong in SEO

March 16, 2016 - Social Media
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Search engine optimization is a discipline that has transformed the way we do business. Traditional businesses have found themselves in a strange environment characterized by changing search engine algorithms and penalties. While everyone is trying to fight for survival, there is a certain group that seems oblivious of the turning of the tide, the CEOs.

Because of their seemingly lofty position in the company structure, most CEOs tend to overlook the role and impact search engine optimization has on business operations. They stick to outdated and at times inaccurate information which leaves them at a disadvantaged point. Below are some of the common SEO misconceptions these executives have.

You Can Achieve High Rankings in a Short Time

A number of years ago before Panda and Penguin updates came to town; search engine optimization experts could manipulate search engines and get a quick fix solution to their ranking. However, it’s virtually impossible today and companies have to think long term when venturing into search engine optimization.

There is no free lunch and businesses have to adhere to content development and marketing as well as leverage on social media platforms and link building if they are to succeed.

SEO is a One Man Show


This is a belief that has been proven wrong by time because the era of dedicated SEO consultants or departments handling the affairs of a whole company are long gone. For success in search engine optimization, there needs to be collective effort and more so input and direct support from other departments and divisions of the company.

All departments whether marketing or non-marketing must come to the drawing table and brainstorm on how together they can push the SEO agenda.

SEO is All about Content Marketing


There is no doubt that content marketing is the language of the web and content itself is the fodder of search engines. However, this doesn’t mean that SEO is locked out because it has a distinct place within the online marketing chart that content marketing can’t occupy. Technical optimization and social media expertise are also important in having a successful SEO campaign.

The Past Can no Longer Haunt as Long as You Have Changed

Google is a good friend who rewards you for excellent performance and adherence to the rules. That being said, shadows from the past can still haunt you and subject your website to penalties. For instance, because of past poor SEO practices, you may notice a sudden perpendicular drop in your rankings at a certain point in time. This may be due to a manual penalty.

To prevent this, you should ensure that you clean up your toxic inbound links, scrap off sub-standard content from your site, and normalize your anchor text to get rid of over-optimization for certain phrases and keywords.

Social Signals Should be Prioritized as Ranking Factors


Inasmuch as social signals such as comments, shares and likes play a key role in your content ranking, they are yet to be confirmed as a major ranking factor. It’s beneficial to have your audience interact with your content on social platforms, but this must be seasoned with other strategies such as link building and on-page optimization.

CEOs must therefore be updated on the latest strategies, trends, and best SEO practices so that they too can be part of this journey to first page ranking.

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