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Konica Minolta

Seizing the opportunity to shine among the shadows – AccurioPress C14000 Success Story.

We had the opportunity to capture the entire story into a video. 

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Empowering Female Heads of Households – UN Women

The leadership training model provided these women with the opportunity to speak about their circumstances as single women heading households, through which they were able to come together as a strong collective. The leadership sessions paved the way for a conversation regarding another pressing issue on the lack of female representation, not only in decision-making but also in contributing to or engaging in initiatives surrounding peacebuilding and social cohesion.

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Economic Empowerment of Female Heads of Households – UN Women

The economic empowerment model focused on a sequence of training – including product development, financial literacy, business management, business planning, marketing techniques, and use of technology to further develop or upscale their businesses. The trained women entrepreneurs were then supported to develop business plans. The best 180 business plans from all 03 districts were selected through a competitive process and they were provided with in-kind support to set up sustainable and resilient businesses.

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International Migrants Day 2018 – UN Women

In 2018, UN Women Sri Lanka organized a panel discussion with the aim of increasing awareness and promoting discussion on women migrant workers’ multi-faceted contributions throughout the migration cycle, particularly focusing on the Sri Lankan women migrant workers in the Middle East.

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UN Women Sri Lanka: Nilu’s Migration Story

Nilushika worked abroad for 16 years as a domestic worker. During her 16 years career in Singapore, she managed to successfully complete a two-year study programme on entrepreneurship. Currently, she has her own business in Tea and founder of Emerging Hope Lanka that trains female entrepreneurs.

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UN Women Sri Lanka: Safeeka’s Migration Story

Safeeka has worked abroad for 12 years. After her return, she has been working as a trainer in Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment for 11 years and trained thousands of female migrant workers so far before they leave. She ensures new migrant workers leave for their jobs prepared with essential skills and knowledge.