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April 27, 2016 - Social Media
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Have you thought of how many customers you lose by not responding to their queries on time? Well, if you haven’t, it is important you consider it because unlike in the years past, today’s customers are not only demanding, but also impatient to some extent. In order to score big in the digital space, it is important you put your best foot forward as far as communication is concerned. Mobile instant messaging (MIM) holds the key to timely communication thanks to the applications and networks that make this possible.

WeChat is one of the top mobile instant messaging platforms and was released in 2011. This network has given even the small companies a competitive edge in the market. WeChat has 300 million users according to the latest statistics. Combined with the fact that this service offers video calling, video chats, text messaging, mobile phone texts, voice messaging communication, group messages, photo sharing, location sharing, broadcasting messages, and discovering new people, marketers have found it the go-to platform to engage their fans and customers.

How WeChat Can Benefit Your Business

As pointed out above, WeChat is an amazing service that can transform the way you communicate with your customers which to a larger extent pushes your brand beyond its traditional limits. In order to enjoy the benefits this platform comes with, you should:

Open a Verified Account

This is the first step into reaping the fruits of WeChat. Customers prefer following brands that have verified accounts. These accounts allow you to post brand-rich content including videos, audio messages, photos, and even text to your WeChat stream followers. This will help in growing your brand influence.

Utilize Membership Functions to Rope in Followers

To have a meaningful and loyal fan base, you have to convert your followers into members. WeChat has functions that create loyalty programs where you can use your geographically localized membership card to link up with customers using their phone number or WeChat ID. This in turn gives you the opportunity to customize your marketing content and promotions to target a certain section of prospects.

You can deliver e-coupons, issue virtual VIP cards as well as send notifications for promotional offers to your target market thus enhancing your marketing activities.

Just like in any conventional marketing scenario, the first contact you establish with your potential customer has such a tremendous impact. You have to welcome your customers with a tailored message so that they can feel they have connected to the right person or business. In order to correctly respond to your customers, you can use the five types of content WeChat offers which include visual, audio, text, text plus visual and video. When responding, you can also include the URL of your site. However, it is important to note that your site should be mobile friendly because it is almost automatic that your prospects will use their mobile gadgets to access it. The secretiveness and confidentiality of the messaging between you and your fans is a top feature that you can exploit to earn the trust of your customers.

Make Use of QR Codes for Brand Promotion

In all point of purchase materials, you can feature your brand’s QR code to help you in converting your fans. Ensure you give your customers reason enough to scan these codes may be through things such as top up promotions for purchases, lucky draws, discounts, souvenirs or even free Wi-Fi passcodes.

In addition, you can add your QR code on your packaging materials. Among the best WeChat tactics when using QR codes is to feature them on your Weibo page or even promote your WeChat activities via wall posts to enable you grab the attention of your audience.

Share Brand Images

By displaying your logo on personal pages of subscribers, you can easily get their attention. This also allows followers of your brand to show off their personal preferences and tastes which will determine to showcase your logo or not. The more your logo is displayed on these personal pages, the more your brand message becomes familiar with them.

Entice Your Followers through Incentives

Through WeChat API, you can integrate a variety of services into mobile apps in order to entice your followers. Prospects who follow your business on WeChat should be motivated to sign up through inducements such as point of sale promotions, offer prices, entertainment or pictures geared towards enhancing your conversion rate.

Design and Develop a Mini Website

Chats are excellent ways to engage your customers, but for you as a business owner or marketer, you should take WeChat to the next level by setting up a mini website to enhance their brand experience. The website can be designed with a two-level interactive menu style to help you optimize and manage the interaction with your fans. You can easily set this up through the WeChat account panel or third party services.

Therefore, as you consider other marketing initiatives to help boost your brand experience and penetration, you can capitalize on the rich features of WeChat to carve a niche for yourself. Are you already using WeChat for business, kindly share your experience.

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