The Best Content Marketing Strategy for First Page Domination

January 18, 2016 - Social Media
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The overall success of your digital marketing program including your conversion and click through rate, is heavily dependent on your online reputation. Search engines and particularly Google has a criteria it uses to determine what kind of search results it displays on page one for a particular keyword or set of keywords. Bearing in mind that most web users will not go beyond the third page of search results, it is important that you strategize to dominate the first page. Below are content marketing strategies to enable you do this seamlessly while observing all the Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Fill Your Brand Site with High Quality Content

Content is still king in online marketing and domination. Web visitors usually look for quality content that answers their questions and give them credible directions depending on their search needs. Quality content can be best described as textual or image-based content that is unique, keyword rich and addresses the needs of the target audience.

Have a Blog for Your Brand Site

A regularly updated and well maintained blog can provide a good ground for engaging and converting potential customers into actual and repeat buyers. When you add posts on a regular basis, populated with both short and long tail keywords, you can position your brand for online visibility and more so, first page domination on search engine results. Google is in search for fresh and credible content to give it space on its search results and this could just be what you need.

Leverage on Social Platforms

We are living in an era where social media has dominated most conversations online thereby making it absolutely important to tap into these networks for increased visibility. Using the hub and spoke approach where your social media is connected to your main site (the hub); you can direct meaningful traffic into your landing page for further engagement and conversion.  Search engines now index social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ meaning leveraging on these platforms through branded company profiles and content sharing, you can easily spring up on the first page.

Write for Authoritative Sites and Brand Authorship

High authority and powerful sites such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post, have credibility in the eyes of search engines including but not limited to Google. When you contribute content on these sites and link back to your blog or main site, you are in simple terms giving your website votes through authoritative inbound links Google can use to increase your ranking on search results.

Build a Powerful Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is the online dictionary and the go-to site for detailed content. Building and maintaining a powerful Wikipedia page will automatically earn you a prime position within Google indexation map. This is because Wikipedia is a highly regarded and trusted site meaning getting a link from the Wikipedia page back to your website can significantly raise your site reputation and possibly get you to page one for your given set of keywords.

Writing Quality Press Releases and Distributing to Popular PR Sites

Writing quality press releases on industry news and other opportunities that relate to your industry can encourage positive mentions online. Quality PR sites such as PRWeb, PRLog, Business Wire and PR-Inside regularly run requests for worthwhile media content. Responding to such requests and linking back to your website through branded terms can enhance your page one campaign. Sample inspiration tops for press releases include new products and services, upcoming industry tradeshows, upcoming award ceremonies, conference exhibition and attendance as well as company changes.

Content has its unique place in any page one campaign and as long as you refine your strategy and work with the best properties, you will get there and your efforts will pay off.

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