October 3, 2018 - Digital Marketing
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How old do you think the concept of Advertising is?

It is as old as the most notorious and infamous profession – Prostitution, ahaha.

In fact, even prostitution was advertised, albeit very subtly, without a proper understanding of what they were getting themselves into.

Unfortunately, this strategy of informative advertising lacked the enthusiasm expected by the public over time.

Let’s cut to the chase: businesses doing not so well financially despite their top notch services. However, you’d find some businesses with their below average services, have a revenue exceeding a value that belies the quality of the services they provide, or rather, lack thereof.

Why? you may ask.

  • The answer lies in marketing; on how you present your product or service to your audience.

The sphere of advertising has been matured beyond levels of ordinary comprehension.

This invariably created a major necessity for marketers.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, quite far from it. After all, this demand is what puts a roof over my head and dinner on my table.

If I may, please allow me to share a personal experience that would further accentuate the point I am attempting to make. I can trace my memory to far back when the disastrous tsunami hit my little island.

Two days after the tragic experience, my family and I decided to go to Galle on a substitute road which was so crowded, our vehicle stayed hours without moving amidst heavy traffic.

But I remember few people on the road coming up to vehicles at one point and handing over leaflets on which were printed the directions to Galle.

On the back of the leaflet was the address and the contact details of a small restaurant in which those people worked.

The leaflet proved absolutely helpful and we ended up dropping by that restaurant.

It took me more than 10 years to realize the small and low-cost unconventional strategy they used to get my family and I to voluntarily come to their restaurant without a single utterance of persuasion except for the contact details on the leaflet.

This is the perfect example of what guerilla marketing is. It’s an almost effortless approach towards getting your product or brand across, but subtly so effective that it subconsciously resulted in my family investing our interest into it.

It’s also a testimony to the fact that you don’t necessarily need a high budget to pull off a simple strategy of Guerrilla marketing.

Let’s be honest. Thinking outside the box isn’t everyone’s piece of cake, but with a bit of extra effort, the ensuing results will give you all the encouragement and reassurance you need to know you’re on the right track.

It is indeed a given that in today’s day and age digital and social media is the most common forum to reach people.

Digital forms of communication have far surpassed the more traditional routes in terms of effectiveness and communication.

Hence, the question as to how we may use the strategies of Guerrilla marketing on to digital media marketing is an absolute gem of a concern.

Let’s break down this concept of Guerrilla Marketing to consider what you may be able to pull off creatively and eventually end up with a bank account the size of Texas!

  • Viral Trends

Cashing in on viral trends is a brilliant idea in almost all kinds of business strategies.

Focus on the trendiest equipment, for instance, and brainstorm ideas as to how it could be incorporated into your business relatively

One fascinating example is the fidget spinner, a toy which is designed to spin along its axis and is used as a stress relief, which eventually became a household topic to discuss over tea in 2017. Not too long after this, a lady who goes by the name of ‘Clearly Cookies’, who bakes cookies on the side (go figure), came up with the magnificent idea of baking cookies that resembled fidget spinners. 

That’s not even it. They. Actually. Spun.


Within an unbelievable short time span, she became an overnight internet sensation. The traffic that came to her social media page was overwhelming.

So there you go, all you really need to do is to learn what would attract your potential client base, brainstorm a simple idea, throw it at them like it’s confetti and wait for the internet to work its magic!

  • Partner up with celebrities

If you’re a small scale business, persuading your favourite Hollywood star to partner up with you is close to wishful thinking.

However, spare a thought towards working with your local names who you might be running into during your daily jog.

Arranging a meeting with them and walking them through how they can help you reach a bigger clientele whilst simultaneously providing them with an exciting reason to work with you may create wonders.

An affiliation with a celebrity could be worked out in many ways.

One such situation is testimonies.

Celebrities are generally well trusted, they have already formed an attachment with us through TV and movies.

Thereby, if a publicly beloved celebrity speaks highly about the services they received from your business, chances are that most people will unconsciously agree.

It all comes down to a very basic understanding of psychology, something that a surprisingly large amount of marketers tend to dismiss, or simply are not even aware of.


  • Social Media Image Change

This is probably the easiest tactic that you can pull off with the least amount of work!

With this approach, the only work you put in is to get your friends and family to pitch in with the shares, and all the bells and whistles.

For instance, say you have an initiative that is to be launched in several days. You call up your employees, friends of yours and employees, family members and colleagues.

With everyone’s approval, proceed to change everyone’s display picture on Facebook and/or Instagram to the same picture which indicates the launch.

Proceeding to act on this concept would help you reach a significant amount of people on social media, in fact, a lot more than you would initially assume.

Tips To Remember

It is about time we realize how the internet has changed our lifestyles drastically.

It is certainly not a hobby. Not even close.

We need to come out of our comfort zone and adapt to this tech savvy environment if we want to see a quantified form of growth, hence why authentic tactics like guerrilla marketing must be embraced.

It entails only a simple creative idea that comes into your head whilst brushing your teeth or walking your dog, which could change your life overnight for the better, and for a really low cost.

So the real question is, why should you not consider guerrilla marketing?




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