Hayleys PLC

September 28, 2018

Search marketing for the activated carbon industry – USA

Hayleys PLC is one of the oldest engineering and hardware solutions groups in Sri Lanka and have forayed into diverse solutions for the country’s every growing needs.


Haycarb is a division of Hayleys PLC and deals with activated carbon based products for filtration purposes. The company approached us to help make their products and company more visible in the US market on search engines.


  • Implementing offsite SEO services
  • Ensuring proper indexing on Google along with Search Console and Webmaster setup.
  • Improving rankings for client in relevant geo markets


Stage 1:

Setting up offsite search marketing activities:

  • Competitor offsite presence analysis
  • Niche relevant, authoritative content platforms were shortlisted
  • Link foundation roadmap established
  • 6 month and 12 month KPIs were laid out
Stage 2

Given that the products were unique and made from recycle / upcycled coconut husks, we focussed our efforts of shortlisting several environment and recycling niche blogs to help with content marketing for the website.

Further we advised the client to register themselves with national authority and global directories and associations related to their niche. Since Haycarb had an office in USA, we took advantage of local seo strategies to help it ranks n the states and cities it wanted to be present in.


The project commenced in April 2016 and by August 2016 we started seeing positive results and upward movement in the SERPs.

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