September 28, 2018

Getting dilmah tea to the top for “buy tea online”

The brand needs little introduction, being the top seller of single origin high quality BOPF tea from Sri Lanka to the UK Market.

They had one simple goal for us, take them to the first page for Buy Tea Online, simply to show how prominent the brand is in its sector.

The task at hand was challenging one, but with not insurmountable.

How we did it:

  • Complete audit of the website followed by fixes to all bugs and issues noted.
  • Secondly a full assessment of the current position the Dilmah website is in search wise
  • Next we analysed Dilmahs external content and link visibility, eliminated any toxic links
  • Then we built up their link and content foundation with strong, authoritative sources.
  • Eventually over a period of 1 year, the search engines took notice and the brand’s upward movement proceeded.

Where are they now?

Today the brand sits at number 1 globally for the term “Buy Tea Online”

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