Important SEO Metrics to Measure Your Results

March 8, 2016 - Social Media
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Search engine optimization can at times give you the feeling of being in a maze where you are struggling to find direction amidst confusion and chaos. Especially to newbies, SEO can be challenging and at times seem uncertain. You can spend weeks or months working without any tangible results coming forth.

This is why it is important to have a road map detailing the direction you want to go beforehand and the metrics to help you measure progress. At times, your clients’ needs may dictate the metrics to use and in other circumstances, you have to pen them down yourself after a critical analysis of the problem to be solved. The following are some of the key performance indicators that can help you measure results.

Keyword Rankings

The SEO game involves targeting keywords based on your niche. By monitoring how well you are faring on your chosen keywords, you will know whether your site is growing, whether you are targeting the appropriate keywords, and how well you are transferring the link juice.

Quality of Backlinks

Links are votes search engines use to give you a top page ranking. When doing on page optimization, your backlinking strategy should only focus on authoritative sites. It is no use investing lots of money in link building campaigns if the quality of the backlinks is so low that it cannot add any value to your site. By monitoring your backlinks both in terms of quality and quantity, you can effectively measure your results. Tracking backlinks can help you assign a cost for every link acquired, see the success of your tactics, and find potential relationships.

Average Time on Page

The time a visitor spends on your page or pages is very important because it gives you an insight on how interesting and relevant the page is. Ensure you record the timeframe over which the data is gathered so as to measure progress.

Bounce Rate

This is an indication that a user came to your page, but didn’t interact with your content. They either clicked back or closed the page because of frustration. This is an important Google ranking signal.

Pages Per Visitor

This is an internal linking metric that measures how well your content is interlinked so that when a visitor comes to one page, they navigate to another page of your site. This number may be low if your site is new, however, you should also have a timeframe when gathering your data so as to measure progress. Have more links within your content as well as enticing links after the post or in your sidebar.

Returning User

This is a metric to help you assess how engaging your content is. The more the returning users, the more relevant your content is to them.

Pages Crawled per Day

The more Google bots crawl your page in a day, the more Google likes your page. This is beneficial because when you make a new post, Google will immediately notice it and index.

Monitor Your Site Health

If all your site pages are indexed by Google, it is a good thing because they will show up in search results. This is a measure of your site health.


Impressions give you the estimate of the number of eyeballs your content or campaign is reaching. The more the impressions you record, the better your content or ad visibility.

Traffic Conversions

This is the ultimate measure because it brings together all your efforts and quantifies them in terms of how well your site converts. The more the traffic conversions, the more your content is engaging and all your parameters are working in harmony. To optimize on your conversions, you must generate relevant content, work on the technical aspects of your website, polish up your link building plan, and leverage on social media outreach.

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