Top 5 Safe Ways to Enhance Your Link Profile without Suffering Penalties

February 20, 2016 - Social Media
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The dilemma most link building specialists find themselves in is that they are supposed to attract traffic without building links. How possible this is, no one can tell but one thing is for sure that link building is not going away any time soon. Matt Cutts has emphasized time and again that backlinks are still an important tool in determining the reputation of a website and webpages. Studies done on ranking factors indicate that backlinks are still the bread and butter of search engine bots and can dictate to a certain extent how highly or lowly your website will be ranked by search engines.

Inasmuch as backlinking is critical in authority building online, it must be done in a safe manner so as not to attract the wrath of Google’s penguin penalties. Google penalties target links that are of low quality hence the safest route is that of building high quality or earning links. High quality links have natural anchor texts and link to trusted and highly authoritative sites. This article discusses five of the best ways through which you can get quality links that will boost your search engine ranking and help you steer clear of any possible penalty.

Identify and engage the services of Freelance writers


Authoritative sites depend on freelance writers to produce content on a regular basis. The best approach to getting quality links therefore is to identify the site you want a backlink from, go through the freelance writers who contribute there and contact them. Chances are, these freelancers are connected and can help you find multiple trusted sites you can link from. This means, within a very short period of time, you will have a number of extremely high quality links. If you aren’t sure how to go about it, let me show you how it’s done.

Identify the big sites in your niche that take contributions from freelance writers and make a list of them preferably on a spreadsheet. Once you have your list, start searching for good writers within those sites who cover the specific topics you write about and connect with them. The best platform to connect and engage them is on social media. You can share their content, like or even comment on their articles. Thereafter share with them who you are, what you do, and the assistance you want from them.

Invest In Quality Guest Posting


Guest posting can be an excellent way of getting quality backlinks. However, for optimal benefits you need to know how to structure your post so that your links are in strategic places. For instance a link on the author bio may not be as effective because fewer readers may spot it and the bio box in which the link is contained may be devalued by Google. Remember the focus here should not be purely on link building but on quality content. Should there be a need of backing up a point or two, you can do so by liking to your site.

Where the site owner allows, you may link back to related content or previous posts on your site so as to expand your audience reach. The best content to link back to include inforgraphics, case studies and guides. Ensure you promote your guest posts by first emailing those you have mentioned in the posts so as to get them to click, visit and read and also through sharing on social media.

Leverage on Infographics

According to research, infographics represent the most common type of content that spreads like bush fire. It tops lists and ‘how to articles’ in terms of average shares. Links from infographics are generally considered safe because it’s others who link to the infographics. Always remember to use HTML embedded code when publishing infographics. Your embedded code contains a link to the original page bearing the anchor text you specify, as well as a link to the image.

Your choice of anchor text can expose you to penalties but branded anchor texts are always safe. If your readership is still low, getting bloggers to link to your infographic is very important in widening your reach.

Be Social

Social media campaigns and SEO are complementing processes that can enhance your rankings. Google may be the leading search engine but certainly it is not the only one. Search engines such as Bing recognize social authority in its ranking algorithm and this can give you a boost. The Bing search engine looks at the nature and number of your followers. Being active on social media platforms and sharing your content there will make you more visible on their search results and this will drive traffic to your website. Another plus for social shares is that they are authoritative links back to your website even if they receive no special social consideration.

In a video release, Matt Cutts put it clear and plain that Twitter and Facebook are treated just like any other websites in Google’s web index. This means any activity happening in these social sites which gets crawled by the spiders can be retuned in search results. Aggregator sites can also be exceptional link building platforms because they have massive audiences, allow dofollow links, and are authoritative.

Be Generous and Mindful of Your Community

No only marketers but many of us tend to always focus on the monetary aspect of every activity we undertake. While it’s important to think about the value a process or product is adding, you need to shift your focus a little bit and look for ways in which you and your community can benefit. One of the ways you can do this is through a scholarship.

Basically a scholarship is a bigger donation you make that often gets loads of mentions thus giving you high value links. Typically, scholarships range between $500 and $1,000. Ensure the scholarship is relevant to the niche so that the resulting links can also be relevant as well. Educational and government sites are the best target for this.

In addition to setting up a scholarship, you can run a contest centered on the things people in your community love. The contest give ways may include products and subscriptions. Remember, the bigger the contest giveaway, the more the emails you will collect and the higher the chances the contest will go viral.

In summary, 2016 is bound to be an excellent year in online marketing but also one which needs you to tread carefully as far as link building is concerned. Your content and product development must be top notch and your link profile diverse if you are to be immune to Google penalties.

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