October 19, 2018 - Digital Marketing
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So, the very basic idea you need to know about growth hacking is that it is hands down the right-hand man of every startup.

Your consigliere.

Your fidus achates.

Your confidant.

Whatever one you may like to call it.

Yes, God forbid, yes. I feel you.

Most of us aren’t the biggest fans of this concept. You might have come across this way too often or you may not have at all. Either way, it is an absolute annoyance. At least for some of us!

But the fact of the matter is that growth hacking is here to stay.

So, on that positive note, if you play it smart, your startup will reach the unimaginable.

Don’t believe me?

Let’s look at numbers!

Doesn’t the crazy growth on Google ads make your eyes wide?

I mean surely you must’ve thought that Instagram is popular but did you think that it is doing this well?

All of these statistics come down to one major factor.

Yup, you guessed it right.

Growth Hacking it is.

Let’s look at how you and I could implement this, shall we?

  • Use of videos to generate crazy traffic in social media

Now if you didn’t know already, this might surprise you.

All major social media platforms automatically push the videos you upload to reach as many as people in your feed, without either a single request or a single penny being spent.

Making use of this fact, what you can do is to post your native video and, voila! You get to go viral on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Youtube right away!

But make sure not to just post your native video on Youtube and share it on other social media platforms. You wouldn’t get the same engagement.

That’s not it!

The people today demand authenticity.

Therefore it is vital that your video has such personal, creative and quality content. Statistically speaking, most have no time to read anymore and therefore videos are embraced so fiercely.

Do make use of it!

  • Active engagement with the audience

Now stay with me, this is how this segment works.

The use of tagging people as a form of appreciation.

Hold up, before you roll your eyes at me. There are enough and more companies, entrepreneurs and marketers who use this tactic.

One way you can do this is by tagging people on the comment section who have liked your post and say ‘thank you’.

Another way is tagging people on photos.

You’re more than welcome to think of other ways to use this tactic. The world is yours!

Trust me, this would generate more engagement comparatively.

Why do I say this?

When you tag people, that specific post shows up on the networks or feeds of the tagged people too, hence attracting a larger audience.

It’s called ‘Coat tailing’.

That’s right, it is indeed a thing.

  • The 3-second rule

The number of prospective clients/visitors give up solely because of few seconds delay in loading its pages is quite frankly jaw-dropping.

When a page load moves from one second to five seconds, the probability of visitors’ bounce-back rises close to 90%.

Google testifies to this.

A study on Pingdom calculated that a page load lasting seven seconds, compared to a three-second page load, would cost you 40% of your visitors.

This isn’t a joke.

You and I cannot afford this risk.

This is simply another reason as to why such a mistake should be rectified.


Easy! Remove slow tracking pixels, switch to a CDN like Coudflare and perhaps even the optimization of javascript and sizes of images.

To add up, if your website is making use of Google Analytics, you’re already one step ahead.

Just go to reports, click behaviour > site speed.


There you go, ladies and gentlemen! Now you possess a basic idea of what growth hacking is like and how you can use it to power up your business!

Do not toss this concept aside, no matter how much you want to.

Growth hacking has shown great potential, and this strategy could be the one that’s going to pave a path for better days!

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Tharkushi Amerasinghe

Tharkushi Amerasinghe

Hello there, it's your girl, Tharkushi. I am a twenty-something-year-old Creative Content Writer here at Boost Metrics. When I step out of my workplace, I am an active Law Apprentice, a few months away from being called to the Bar. I've been an avid reader and a closeted writer growing up. Now been absolutely blown away by how vast and powerful social media is, I am truly dedicated to learn and share whatever intellect I've gathered over time. I firmly believe that a business without an active online presence is a vehicle without its wheels. It certainly will not move.