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December 8, 2019 - Digital Marketing
Look-almost nobody cares about your pretty infographics, pictures or 150+ word captions anymore. If you're running a brand in 2020, you need to re-position your content strategy to be focused on video content first.  Traditional picture and text based content might as well be considered archaeological artifacts, considering how long they've been the go-to for the market. At Boost we work with a lot of clients looking to grab their slice of the social media pie. We experiment with a lot of different content formats while optimizing client campaigns, and in our experience, we’ve found video to far outperform other content types.  So here we are, passing on our experience and tips for why you too should be focusing on making video content over anything else.  FACEBOOK IS THE BIGGEST KID ON THE BLOCK The biggest kid on the block is still Facebook, and since acquiring Instagram and Whatsapp for messaging, in addition to the

Build your own Communication Strategy – Special Offer for ITU 2019

September 5, 2019 - Digital Marketing, Social Media
Social Media Marketing for Business Success - Special Offer for ITU 2019 30 Mins free Consultancy Session for 10 SMEs with Indu Nanayakkara, Head of Digital Marketing team at Boost Metrics and Co-Manager of Google Business Group, Colombo.  Welcome to the “Social Media Marketing for Business Success” digital course. This training course is designed for any type of small to medium business, to help them build their own online communication strategy. This course focuses on the needs of marketing teams and provides a thorough understanding of how day-to-day social media management and campaigns work and what must be done to get the required results over the long run.  The course is delivered as a step-by-step practical guide that can be easily followed by someone who already has a basic understanding of social media marketing. We have a slightly different version for agencies that may wish to educate their clients. If you run or work for an agency,


October 19, 2018 - Digital Marketing
So, the very basic idea you need to know about growth hacking is that it is hands down the right-hand man of every startup. Your consigliere. Your fidus achates. Your confidant. Whatever one you may like to call it. Yes, God forbid, yes. I feel you. Most of us aren’t the biggest fans of this concept. You might have come across this way too often or you may not have at all. Either way, it is an absolute annoyance. At least for some of us! But the fact of the matter is that growth hacking is here to stay. So, on that positive note, if you play it smart, your startup will reach the unimaginable. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at numbers! Doesn’t the crazy growth on Google ads make your eyes wide? I mean surely you must’ve thought that Instagram is popular but did you think that it is doing this well? All of


October 3, 2018 - Digital Marketing
How old do you think the concept of Advertising is? It is as old as the most notorious and infamous profession - Prostitution, ahaha. In fact, even prostitution was advertised, albeit very subtly, without a proper understanding of what they were getting themselves into. Unfortunately, this strategy of informative advertising lacked the enthusiasm expected by the public over time. Let’s cut to the chase: businesses doing not so well financially despite their top notch services. However, you’d find some businesses with their below average services, have a revenue exceeding a value that belies the quality of the services they provide, or rather, lack thereof. Why? you may ask. The answer lies in marketing; on how you present your product or service to your audience. The sphere of advertising has been matured beyond levels of ordinary comprehension. This invariably created a major necessity for marketers. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. In fact, quite