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Case Study – HomeTree Co-working

January 23, 2020 - Case Study
Brand Overview The way companies work is changing. The old model of outdoing the competition is slowly moving aside in favor of a more collaborative model. And this is where coworking comes in. Co-working is the concept of having multiple companies operate and intermingle in a shared workspace. The two biggest advantages for a company include: Plug and play resources. Everything from electricity, 24/7 access and Wi-Fi to and bottomless coffee.Career building events from reputed speakers and a common environment to rub shoulders with established companies.Other motivated companies that could fill in service gaps. Why they Called Boost Metrics Up HomeTree called up Boost Metrics looking for Brand visibility. They wanted to be known around Colombo - but they wanted to be known around Colombo as the only co-working space that was about mindfulness, personal as well as career growth and collaboration over competition.   Our Approach “Zig when everyone Zags”. One of the most distilled