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January 23, 2020 - Case Study
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Brand Overview

The way companies work is changing. The old model of outdoing the competition is slowly moving aside in favor of a more collaborative model. And this is where coworking comes in.

coworking ht

Co-working is the concept of having multiple companies operate and intermingle in a shared workspace. The two biggest advantages for a company include:

  • Plug and play resources. Everything from electricity, 24/7 access and Wi-Fi to and bottomless coffee.
  • Career building events from reputed speakers and a common environment to rub shoulders with established companies.
  • Other motivated companies that could fill in service gaps.

Why they Called Boost Metrics Up

HomeTree called up Boost Metrics looking for Brand visibility. They wanted to be known around Colombo – but they wanted to be known around Colombo as the only co-working space that was about mindfulness, personal as well as career growth and collaboration over competition.  


Our Approach

“Zig when everyone Zags”. One of the most distilled pieces of wisdom from Marty Neumeier, legendary brand consultant and strategist. HomeTree wanted to establish a brand that was not only unique, but counter-cultural. And we were only too happy to help. 

We wanted HomeTree to pass the “Swap Test” – which is a branding test that helps test whether your brand’s voice is truly unique.


While a lot of agencies take the client brief and run with it, we have learned that discussing the client’s business goal, understanding why they came to us and verifying their business assumptions have resulted in a much more accurate and useful end solution. 

Our standard procedure for developing a branding strategy with clients is as follows:

  • Receive the client requirement.
  • Run a comprehensive competitor analysis.
  • Run an online competitor audit.
  • Identify unmet target audience needs.
  • Collaboratively develop a content strategy based on the above information.

What makes HomeTree Unique?

Hometree co-working is a special breed co-working space based out of Colombo Sri Lanka. The founders Semal and Amaranath talked about their trek through the redwood forests of America as the spark that compelled them to create a more collaborative coworking space that valued people over profit.

Semal and Amaranath – Founders of HomeTree Coworking

This is a unique brand position for Asia, and one-of-a-kind for Sri Lanka. As such, the first thing we wanted to know was how other co-working spaces were operating locally and internationally.

Our Strategic Pillars

After completing the aforementioned stages, we found ourselves in a strong position to put together a strategy for HomeTree. One that would help them strongly establish their unique voice.

brand equity

After much deliberation, discussion and prioritization exercises we decided to focus on the following pillars first.

  • Consistently communicate using a very friendly and approachable voice.
  • Use events as the main brand-awareness-building tool, bringing in foot traffic to engage and energize the community. .
  • Use videos as the prime promotion tool.
  • Use video and motion posters for event signup lead generation.
  • Promote the office and event spaces.

Coworking Events 

Tarja Desilva
Instagram Celebrity and Talented Dance Instructor, Tarja Desilva, running a social dancing workshop at HomeTree

Instagram Celebrity and Talented Dance Instructor, Tarja Desilva, running a social dancing workshop at HomeTree

The co-working events were the main way in which HomeTree brought in constant foot traffic. They provided a great opportunity for photography, video and even event audio recordings to be used later.

These events were key because, despite all the content we were putting out, nothing would really capture what it was like to engage with this unique community.

And these events got people into the building, helping spread the word.

Video Adverts

HomeTree One year anniversary

Um, party alert – I repeat, party alert!HomeTree is turning ONE on 6th December!!This entire journey has turned out to be profoundly, unpredictable, surprising and rewarding. We can't wait to celebrate how far we’ve come with all of you!Interested in what’s in store? These are just a few of the events coming on your way:🔶Salsa and Social Dancing with Tarja de Silva and Alberto Ruiz PT: 30 November, 2019🔶Design Your Career Path: A proactive approach to finding your true north! Workshop by Altaf Ahmed : 03 December 2019🔶Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing with Rachel Porquet-Chanmugam: 04 December, 2019🔶One year party: 06 December 2019 6.00pm 🔹Improv Island 6:30pm 🔹Open Mic Begins 7:15pm 🔹Collaborative Art 7:30pm 🔹Pop-up Stalls 6:00pm onwardsStay tuned to hear about all our events happening in the weeks leading up to our one year celebration. And if you want to attend our big birthday bash, click the link-tree in the description.

Dikirim oleh HomeTree Coworking pada Senin, 18 November 2019
The HomeTree One Year Party Trailer and Dance Fest Trailer proved to be highly engaging pieces of content.
Dance Day

Wow, our dance workshop in September was so much fun. We cannot wait to do more! Starting the day with Kundalini Yoga, we did “Kriya Yoga” to get rid of the stress and get set for the day! After that, we ventured into Bollywood dancing, where we had a blast learning new moves and grooves – all thanks to the fun teaching style of Altaf AhmedNext was Zumba (to burn all those snack calories). Jazz dancing with Muddrika Dance Studio definitely upgraded our style on the dance floor. And finally, we finished with a gruelling, but extremely fulfilling Hip-Hop routine, taught to us by the KG TwinsCatch the highlights in these videos!It was our first wellness-focussed co-working event and we hope to do so many more in the future.Do you guys want to see more events like this? Leave a comment down below with your favourite de-stressing activity.

Dikirim oleh HomeTree Coworking pada Kamis, 28 November 2019
The HomeTree One Year Party Trailer and Dance Fest Trailer proved to be highly engaging pieces of content.

The video ads proved to be the most engaging and creatively encouraging medium to work with. HomeTrees brand is very friendly, so we could make content that was much more personable and honestly – fun.

These videos were one-day projects – driving home the power of fast, fun, engaging content that isn’t overproduced.

Influencer Promotions and Giveaways


We also carried out influencer competitions to help skyrocket engagement. By choosing smaller scale influencers, we avoided the low conversion rate of more established, less authentic influencers. As a result, we were able to create campaigns and competitions that engaged various demographics – from very young professionals all the way to more established and well-known business people. 

Social Media Branding


And finally, we have social media branding. This is where we got to express HomeTree’s unique voice on a regular basis. HomeTree’s trademark, friendly, pro-collaboration style of coworking space proved time and time again to be the kind of brand young professionals found engaging.


Now this is all well and good, but we’re not called Boost Metrics for nothing. By the end of 2019, the amount of content we put out was as follows.

  • Videos 30
  • FB and Instagram Posts – over 120
  • Content creation for Newsletters
  • Instagram TV Videos – 6

And if we want to talk about teh results of all our hard word, refer below: 

  • Total FB Page Likes – 2,003
  • Total IG Followers – 1,171
  • Total FB reach – 418,666
  • Total FB impressions – 692,981
  • Average social media posts were between 20 – 100 consistent likes.
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