Build your own Communication Strategy – Special Offer for ITU 2019

September 5, 2019 - Digital Marketing, Social Media
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Social Media Marketing for Business Success – Special Offer for ITU 2019

30 Mins free Consultancy Session for 10 SMEs with Indu Nanayakkara, Head of Digital Marketing team at Boost Metrics and Co-Manager of Google Business Group, Colombo. 

Welcome to the “Social Media Marketing for Business Success” digital course.

This training course is designed for any type of small to medium business, to help them build their own online communication strategy. This course focuses on the needs of marketing teams and provides a thorough understanding of how day-to-day social media management and campaigns work and what must be done to get the required results over the long run. 

The course is delivered as a step-by-step practical guide that can be easily followed by someone who already has a basic understanding of social media marketing.

We have a slightly different version for agencies that may wish to educate their clients. If you run or work for an agency, this would help your clients understand what to expect from your agency and how to work with your agency in a way that both parties would mutually benefit from the work you are doing together.


Indu Nanayakkara social media & digital marketing

Indu Nanayakkara

Who Is Behind This Course

The course is designed and conducted by Indu Nanayakkara;  . She has had more than 10 years of experience in the industry and 6 years of digital agency experience as the Head of Digital Marketing team at Boost Metrics. Read more about Indu, here

The course is marketed by Boost Metrics (Pvt) Ltd;  a digital marketing agency based in Sri Lanka, specializing in online sales funnels, UX/UI and SEO.

Boost Metrics has had established a reputation for effective social media marketing methods that drive results over a short period of time.


What’s In It: The Complete Course Structure

The course consists of 4 different modules which will be covered in 6 hours in total. Listed below is the breakdown of the course content, duration and price per module. 


1. Social Media Marketing for Business Success (2 hrs) 

Module Price – per personOnline: 97 USD
  1. What is Social Media
  2. Why use Social Media for business
  3. What happens if you don’t
  4. The essential basics of SMM
    1. How to devise a social media strategy & content creation
    2. How to create and run a successful social media promotion 
    3. Picking a social media team and assigning duties
    4. How to allocate budgets & resources
    5. Monitoring, reporting & analysis(ROI)
  5. Examples
  6. Q & A


2. Facebook Ads for Business Success (2 hrs) 

Module Price – per personOnline: 97 USD
  1. What are Digital Ads and why you need them
  2. Types of Digital Ads and how to select them
  3. Advantages of Facebook Ads
  4. Types of Facebook Ads
  5. How to run a Facebook Ad
  6. Measuring & Tweaking your Ad
  7. Best Practices
  8. Q & A


3. Social Media Account Management for Business Success (1 hr) 

Module Price – per personOnline: 47 USD
  1. The role of a Social Media Account Manager
  2. How to liaise with a Digital Agency (Optional)
  3. Community Management
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Crisis Management
  6. Reporting, Measuring and Controlling
  7. Best Practices
  8. Q & A


4. Content Marketing for Business Success (1 hr) 

Module Price – per personOnline: 47 USD
  1. Why should you have a content plan
  2. How to create a content calendar
  3. Content types and how they are consumed
  4. Content creation
  5. Q & A


Pricing Structure

The course pricing is based on a per-hour rate 

In-house Group Training – Over 10 Persons (Special Price)

We conduct a ZOOM video/audio conference call to deliver the training online. Printable handouts will be sent via email that you can make your own online copy or download and print. 

Price: 47 USD per hr/per grp * Minimum duration: 1 hr 

Individual Training

Our courses are designed for groups. However, due to popular demand, we have made our courses available for individuals as well. 

Price: 147 USD per hour * Minimum duration: 1 hr


This is only a strategic discussion where you or your team can deduce an executable plan based on the consultancy provided by us..This will be carried out via a ZOOM video/audio conference call as well.

Price: 147 USD per hour * Minimum duration: 1 hr



If you know exactly which course/s or service/s you require, send us a message to book your dates and times.




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