The magic of social media lies in how quickly it has quickly evolved from being a platform for sharing photos and opinions, into a powerful business marketing tool. In fact today, the traditional modes of advertising on Radio, TV, newspapers; all these have been replaced by online advertising. In other words, you are likely to reach more people effectively on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, than you would on a daily newspaper! When Instagram recently announced that it had surpassed Twitter in terms of the number of users, this must have caught most people unawares!  While Twitter has about 340 Million users, Instagram is now at the 400 million users mark, and the number keeps rising.  

The use of ad campaigns on Facebook has been consistent for a while now. The addition of Instagram ads to the existing service is being hailed by many observers and analysts as a game changer; Instagram users will now be able to create their own custom Instagram ads, a feature previously limited to large corporations!

Quick things to know about Instagram ads;

A Guide to Instagram Ads for Your Business
  • Facebook has been the popular platform for most marketers, thanks to the tools and friendly interface. One could easily design an ad for their business, post it on their page, tag friends, share, and on and on it went.
  • When Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago, they embarked on turning it into more than just a tool that users could just use to post selfies and personal photos.
  • Today, Instagram has incorporated Facebook’s Power Editor Tool that allows users to create custom ads. The ads can be in form of a single image, a set of images or a video clip to market the products and services that you offer. 
  1. Image Ads;

Designing an image ad on Instagram is easy and requires little past experience. Basically, it makes use of a single image, a short text caption below the image and a call to action button. You just need to ensure that the image used doesn’t infringe on copyright, and that the text used in the caption doesn’t exceed 300 characters. Every time a visitor or follower clicks on the Call to action, they’re automatically redirected to the URL used to create the ad campaign.

  1. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads make use of multiple images which an Instagram user can view as a presentation upon clicking on the main image. This form of ad also has a text caption displayed below the images alongside a call to action button. 

  1. Video ads

Just like the name suggests, here you need just a short video with a maximum length of 30 seconds.  The most important thing to note with Video ads is that the video uploaded must fit a specified length and resolution. 

Below is a step-by-step guide on creating Instagram Ads;

  1. Create a Facebook Business account

First and foremost, you’ll need to open a Facebook Business page. Doing so helps you to make use of the Facebook Power Editor Tool. The tool allows you to create multiple business pages on Facebook.

Oh, so it means I have to have a Facebook Account, for me to able to create Instagram ads?

Well, the answer is both yes, and no! Like mentioned above, the fact that Facebook acquired Instagram means that you’ll have to “borrow” some tools from the former, and use them to design ads on the latter. However, it’s not mandatory that you link or directly connect your Instagram page with the Facebook Account.

  1. Create an ad campaign with Facebook Power Editor Tool

Back to the Facebook Power editor tool; your will be presented with a user interface, with multiple expanding sections.  

  • Select the Facebook Business account you want and download it to the power editor

The top most section of the editor page has a search bar, a ‘download to editor’ button and an ‘upload changes’ button. The name of your Facebook Business accounts should appear on the search bar. If you have multiple business accounts, make sure the name of the one you want to use is displayed. Click on the ‘download to editor’ button to start defining the specifics of your ad campaign.

  • What is the Objective of the ad campaign, what do you wish to achieve?

This is an important question to ask yourself.  It could be that you’re looking to increase traffic to your site, to have Instagram users install your app, or to boast of numerous likes, even to in increase turnover from the product and service you offer.  Whatever the case, the objectives listed on the drop down list accessed via the ‘objectives’ button include

  • Mobile installs
  • video clicks 
  • page likes 
  • product catalogue sales
  •  Offer claims
  • website conversions
  • Choose the Means to pay for the Ad Campaign

You’ll have several options for paying for the ad campaign once it succeeds. The most convenient mode of payment is the ‘Auction’ option and is on the dropdown list accessed via the ‘Buying Type’ button.  This option allows you to pay for the ad you create depending on your target audience for the campaign, and the duration you desire.

  • Define  your advert settings

Once you’ve settled for the Title you wish to use for the ad, you’ll need to select the appropriate settings.  Below the title for the section is the option to select the Instagram ad which you wish to manage. When you click the ‘Manage Adverts’ options, you are able to reveal multiple definable areas. These areas allow you to set the budget for the campaign and define the duration which the ad campaign will run. Still, you’re able to choose the pricing per ad and define your target audience. The extra option of further narrowing down your target audience based on the mobile operating system of their device is also offered.

  • Select the placement option 

Having finished with the advert settings, proceed to the ‘Placement’ section below; this allows you to select the platform on which your ad campaign will run. Since you want your ad campaign to run on Instagram, you’ll just select the ‘Instagram’ option. It’s worth noting that as soon as you click the Instagram option, all the other options on the scroll down list become inaccessible.

  • Define the destination of the ad;

The “Destination” option allows you to link the Instagram ad campaign to your Facebook Business account. You’ll need to select your current Instagram account or create a new one at the click of a button. Then select the name of the Facebook Business account you are using, to create the Instagram ad campaign. 

  • Input the destination URL;

You’ll now need to Input the URL to which Instagram users will be directed when they click on the call to action button on your ad.

  • Choose the image, set of images or video;

This section allows you to upload an image or set of images that you intend to use in your ad campaign. For a video ad, you just select ‘video views’ in the campaign objective section, and click on it. 

  •  Preview your ad;

On the right hand side of the page is a ‘preview’ button. By clicking on the button, you will get to see how your Instagram ad will look like. If you are satisfied with the ad, click on the ‘Upload Changes’ to complete the Instagram ad campaign creation. 

A Guide to Instagram Ads for Your Business


Designing an Instagram ad is that simple, and the beauty of it all is that you can create these Instagram ads in less than 20 minutes! If you have any doubts, or need any guidance and assistance in creating an Instagram ad, feel free to contact Boost Metrics. We are the real pros, and are always willing to share our invaluable experience in helping you take your business to the next level.