2016 SEO Predictions by Boost Metrics – Mobile, Structured Data, Voice and Branding

January 21, 2016 - Social Media
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SEO and digital marketing in general have been taken a notch higher, thanks to the creative and innovative tactics employed by Boost Metrics. Being one of the leading companies in as far as SEO solutions are concerned, Boost Metrics has since its inception taken the industry by storm.

If you witnessed its massive influence in 2015, then get ready to witness a whole new level of service delivery in 2016. Everything has been excellently and carefully designed to spare you the fuss of getting your SEO needs handled by a reputable and competent company.

With Boost Metrics, you can now relax and experience your website get guaranteed top ranking.

The competition is stiff out there, and in a world where every website is seeking to be ranked top by Google, you can’t afford to be left behind.

Now that 2016 is finally here with us, what are some of the SEO predictions we can expect from Boost Metrics? Well, they include:

1. Mobile optimization

This feature will be bigger and better as Boost Metrics has put into serious consideration strategies that have different configurations you can choose to make your site mobile-friendly. We also plan to use various techniques to help websites handle view screens of all types and sizes. With your website fully equipped with the mobile optimized technology, you get to enjoy the benefits that come with it including:

Improved user experience – This will guarantee you many mobile users to your website. This is because some market research reports show that 60% of mobile users in the past 12 months have encountered problems when browsing websites and this has led them to abandon the page.

Increased Average Time on site – As with everything that exists online, it is about time and first impression. You have a limited amount of time to capture a website visitor’s attention. This is even more so the case with mobile devices because users are accessing your website while out and about on the go. If a visitor is able to easily navigate your pages and the content is written in a mobile friendly way, you increase the chance of converting those visitors into customers.

Faster Website Load SpeedSpeed is important because as previously mentioned, time is limited. A normal website that isn’t mobile optimized will load very slowly on your mobile device or in worse case scenarios, it may not load at all.

A mobile ready website will load quickly because the code is structured in a way that it is compatible with mobile devices. To prove the point, studies show mobile website users will abandon a page if they have to wait more than 6-10 seconds for it to load.

2. Voice search

Boost Metrics also plan to utilize the voice search technique in 2016 to enable more consumers be able to access the website more efficiently and effectively. With the ease, convenience and close to accurate results provided by voice search as opposed to the traditional one, more and more users will be expected to switch to this search pattern.

3. Structured data

With the adoption of an advanced structured data system plan, search engines will not only be allowed to crawl into your website, but also understand it well.

Structured data is the future of search engine marketing. Gone are the days when magical keyword counts guaranteed search engine rank success.

Instead, a business’ ability to effectively use structured data will increasingly dictate whether their website will favorably appear in SERP. Don’t let old school SEO tactics pull your business behind!

4. Merging SEO with Branding

If you are aiming to get good branding for your product in 2016 then you should definitely look no further than Boost Metrics which will work hard to ensure that you have a better image to the consumers. We will help build your brand and package it in a way we know will increase traffic to your site. Just imagine what this would do for you! Just imagine Google ranking your site as one of the best by recognizing it as a professional brand!

Besides this top ranking, you get to enjoy the advantages of:


  • Reaching new customers to your company.
  • Building brand awareness therefore making sure your website sells for you and allows visitors to read leisurely about what you offer before making an informed decision to do business with you.
  • Having more information about your buyers which enables you to know what they want and their online behavior.
  • Fast track communications whereby website visitors can easily give feedback on your website and marketing through social media and through your contact form.


Analysts have dubbed 2016 as the year of technological innovations and in that breath, Boost Metrics hasn’t been left behind. Expect a lot of smart SEO strategies and tactics from us this year, aimed at helping your site compete effectively.

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