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2016 SEO Prediction from Boost Metrics as an Independent SEO Company in Sri Lanka

Having slowly evolved over the past few years, SEO continues to broaden its horizons in the year 2016. A major step forward in this regard will be mobile optimization. We at Boost Metrics are equipped to make any website mobile friendly, with the use of the latest techniques. The benefits this would yield include faster website load speed on mobile devices, improved user experience and more. The year will also see the widespread adoption of an advanced, structured data system plan that allows search engines to easily crawl and understand your website. It is no longer about the extensive keyword count: the future of online marketing is the use of structured data.

Yet another technique that is bound to be incorporated into SEO this year is voice search. This essentially enables consumers to access websites more effectively and efficiently. In contrast to the traditional search method, voice search can provide highly accurate results and offers increased convenience. Last, but certainly not least, SEO will be merged with branding in 2016, making this year the ideal time for those looking to obtain good branding for their products/services. Boost Metrics is dedicated to making this possible, by crafting the perfect strategy to enhance your brand image which in turn would deliver higher rankings on Google.

An expert’s guide to SEO Sri Lanka: an introduction to what it does and what it costs

Business owners tend to wonder about the degree to which SEO could set them back. Most rely on SEO as their primary traffic strategy, not knowing how it would affect the overall business. There are several factors that contribute to determining the amount to be spent for services pertaining to SEO. Sri Lanka is home to several online marketing agencies who are equipped to offer world class services. However, in order to understand this, it is essential to identify the true importance of SEO.

Why do SEO?

Typically, a SEO Agencies ends up spending something between USD 200 to USD 1000 a month. Given that Google is the most prominent figure in bringing search traffic, SEO is highly important for businesses with an online presence. This is the best way of creating a consistent flow of the right kind of traffic to your website. SEO not only makes it easy for search engines understand the relevance of your site to its users but also understand what it is all about. The sufficiently authoritative sites usually receive a great amount of traffic and a high visibility search listing, showcasing the best possible results of SEO. Sri Lanka has no lack of experts who can make this happen for your business as well.

How SEO companies make this possible

  1. Performing research

They perform this in two parts: market research and competitor research. Market research involves an in-depth inspection and analysis of the industry, its trends, opportunities and threats, and suitable online marketing tactics. Similarly, competitor research includes delving into the strategies and tactics used by competitors.

  1. Keyword research

This is the centre of every activity carried out by an SEO expert. Figuring out the most suitable set of keywords depends on one’s ability of understanding the customers and their online behavior. This acts as the basis of creating compelling content, meta descriptions and page titles.

  1. Strategy creation and implementation

This starts with crafting customized strategies for a given business in order to help them improve the site’s performance. This essentially targets the organic search results in a search engine. The larger a company is, the more unique the strategy should be. If you enter into a strategic engagement with an SEO consultant, you will basically be paying for their creativity and experience.

  1. Content strategy and development

Having quality content plays a major role in enhancing the online visibility of a website. Therefore, almost all the SEO companies offer services related to content development.

  1. On-site optimization

This is the key to gaining rankings. This essentially involves the things that are done to optimize the pages of a website. An SEO company would ideally draft page titles as well as meta descriptions based on their research. They will analyze your existing website to decide whether the content needs to be updated. Then they will proceed to create new pages, fix issues regarding duplicate content and improve internal linking. The next step would be adding social sharing buttons to your site as well as setting up a blog for you.

  1. Setting up Google Authorship

This is the way of informing Google that the content in a website is original. This contributes to enhancing the visibility of your content in search results. Google tends to give prominence to sites posting quality, original content.

  1. Account management

In this, an account manager communicates with the client to get an understanding about their campaign goals. Thereafter they will brief the SEO team regarding what was discussed.

  1. Reporting

In order to understand how effective the above activities are reporting needs to be done. This will focus on the results of ranking and traffic. Ideally, an SEO agency should monitor the performance consistently.

SEO pricing models

There is a variety of pricing models used by companies providing SEO. Sri Lanka being a relatively new member to this industry has in no way made it difficult for you to find an SEO agency that can cater to your specific requirements.

Project-based pricing

Prices are quoted on a project basis for the cases with a fixed-period. This is suitable for those having a web design company or creative agency performing most of the company’s work.

Fixed price services

Typically a list of services is offered by the SEO company in this case. Such SEO campaign includes services such as site optimization, SEO audit and keyword research.

Hourly rates

In cases where activities can be broken down into a number of discrete tasks, hourly rates are used. For each of these sub tasks, a reasonable cost can be allocated, which goes to ensure that the company is not getting charged unfairly.


This is the most common pricing model in the sphere of SEO. This is suitable due to the continuous nature of SEO tasks. After carrying out research, the SEO agency offers recommendation about the technical issues on your website that need fixing. They focus on a different aspect each month, progressively, yielding visible results.

Choosing the right SEO package

SEO packages are mostly associated with the retainer model. The higher the monthly fee, the more services you get. Before choosing a package for your business, it is essential to get a good understanding about online marketing.

There are three price points.

Small – generally up to USD 300

Companies/businesses that target just one geographic area can benefit from the packages of this range. It is also suitable for startups. These bring the needed level of SEO to enables businesses attain good rankings in regional searches.

Medium – generally up to USD 600

This is best suited for companies with a well-established online presence targeting, the global or national audience. It is also ideal for those that are in competitive industries. Reputed brands, wholesalers and major online retailers can benefit from this.

Large or Custom – generally up to USD 800

This is suitable for enterprise businesses that target global or national audiences, in competitive markets. Examples of such companies are education institutions, travel brands, life insurance and car insurance.

Budgets beyond USD 1000 are typically for enterprise businesses targeting national or international audiences in very competitive markets.

SEO is a process – there are no guarantees

Always bear in mind that there are no guarantees when it comes to SEO. If the SEO agency you choose is being vague about where they will attempt to rank your website and which keywords they will be using, you better seek the services of a different provider. Therefore it is important to obtain a complete understanding and select the best option for your business.

Why SEO results take such a long time to generate

Sustainable and safe SEO takes quite a while to be properly implemented and yield results. Once SEO has been done right, it is a gift that keeps on giving. Those expecting instant results should turn to options such as sources of paid traffic instead.

In conclusion;

  1. Obtain a good understanding regarding SEO
  2. Engage in discussions with reputed SEO providers
  3. Demand a proper, detailed plan for the SEO campaigns
  4. Keep an open mind