October 12, 2018

A prominent public speaker seeked a solution to build his own speaking brand and forge his own path and philosophy with the Entrepreneur segment.

The goal was to help Entrepreneurs be the best version of themselves both professionally and in their personal lives.


  • Branding
    • Identify a brand identity
    • Establish its guideline
    • Devise its physical appearance
  • Digital Identity
  • Build its digital presences through
    • Web
    • Social
    • Advertising
  • Build brand value

Critical Issues:

  • The speaker has always been hired on behalf of other speaking agencies and or firms to speak at their private events
  • Entering a highly competitive field
  • No presence prior



An extensive data gathering and market segmentation period was conducted with the client to find out:

  • What he was offering?
  • What should the brand should signify?
  • Who are we selling to?

Next, we established a

  • Brand guideline
  • Voice document
  • Market segmentation analysis

Then we built the brands physical appearance based around a theme of zen and productivity:

  • Logo
  • Colours
  • Message Digital identity
  • Established a web platform to summarise his goal
  • Established key social platforms for better audience engagement and to highlight content value and quality
  • Joined several key social communities to build the speakers name and reputation


The brand has now garnered an organic following of genuinely interested fans who follow his thoughts and ideas.

He is the key speaker at several prominent Us conferences and is planning a world tour, with traction gaining in his popularity.

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