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Need direction on your digital marketing? Don’t know what the next step is? Boost Metrics’ online marketing consultancy services are here to help.

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SEO Consultation

Many companies make the mistake of posting their website online and leaving unattended like a billboard that all passersby are guaranteed to see.  Search engine optimization improves the search engine page rankings and increases traffic flow to your company website; it is not only a useful but crucial marketing tool for creating effective brand awareness. As an internet marketing strategy, search engine optimization considers what people search for, keywords typed into search engines and how search engines actually work. We take into account all these factors to ensure no one on the internet accidentally misses or ignores your brand.

Our highly trained and experienced marketers will become knowledgeable about your company’s search marketing objectives, industry, business niche, products, brand attributes and competitive position to give you an edge in the increasingly competitive online marketing world. We perform keyword research discovery and analysis that prioritizes key word mapping to help your company attain google top ten ranking positions.

Using experienced companies like ours, search engine optimization grants your brand the proper online attention from the right demographic targeted by your company by tweaking the information you provide and how you present it.

Search engine optimization is the only way to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves in the vast online world using the help of a professional company like us.

Digital Strategy Creation for Small Businesses

Creating working digital strategies for small businesses could prove to be a very difficult task for many. It may seem like an easy task but actually making it work is the drama. We provide such services for our clients and have been doing it for a while. We have noticed several things that cause the process to fail irrevocably. We work to avoid them by;

  • Personalized service delivery

There is not an organization that can be treated the same as the other. We ensure that we treat all our clients personally and deal with their enterprises individually with a lot of care and patience. We treat every case as it comes.

  • Planning

We always make sure we have very articulate plans that indicate exactly what we want to do and the steps we are going to follow to get there. We work together with our clients in making plans so as to ensure that they are inclusive of all details.

We take the creation of digital strategies for small businesses very seriously because we are aware that they need the presence to prosper.


Provided online or in person, our coaching services offer the opportunity for you to express your ideas, present various queries and have your questions answered. These discussions could include the following;

  • Developing or improving your SEO, PPC and social media activities/presence
  • Establishing your authority online
  • Generating content ideas for your blog
  • Personal Branding

Online Marketing Consultation

Online marketing has become an integral component of today’s world of business, whether you are a small enterprise or a prominent multinational company. It helps you easily reach your target audience and increase your chances of acquiring market share through the internet. We provide online marketing consultation pertaining to below areas:

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Content Optimization
  • Content creation (Link to page)
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Digital Strategy formulation
  • Social media marketing
  • Paid digital marketing
  • Local SEO (Region specific)

We will help you find a gold mine that could bring an endless stream of profitable traffic

A well crafter digital marketing strategy assists you in increasing the amount of qualified sales leads you receive, in addition to improving profitability and establishing a good relationship with your customers. We at Boost Metrics continue to help our clientele by;

  • Increasing qualified inbound traffic
  • Establishing online authority
  • Improving lead generation and conversions
  • Enhancing their online brand reputation
  • Understanding and applying analytics insights

We work closely with our clients to understand their specific objectives and decide the ideal course of action.


This is most suitable for businesses looking to enhance their online marketing presence. Our procedure for this starts out with an extensive audit to identify the areas that have the most potential. Thereafter, we move on to analyzing your main business goals and creating a unique strategy plan which typically includes; 

  • Web Development ideas and Technical SEO Report
  • Page Optimization Report for improvements
  • The most suitable digital marketing techniques for implementation
  • Ideas for Off Page Content marketing

SEO Strategy Blueprint serves as a road map in taking your business to the next level.




The Type of Businesses We Work With

Before we undertake any SEO project, we first of all make a decision whether we are the right kind of SEO company to work with your business. We prefer working with clients who understand what business entails and are willing to expend every effort and investment to stay ahead of competition.

Businesses that value customer relationships and understand the impact of positive customer experiences on sales are likely to do well when we bring them onboard. This is because we supplement their dedication and effort on social media platforms through time-tested SEO strategies.

We enjoy working with businesses that acknowledge the role of SEO and content marketing in creating fantastic opportunities for expanding online market share. Such businesses experience boundless possibilities in doing business and growing their revenues.

Therefore if you are a start-up, in the early stages of developing your business digital strategy or stuck with a website that does not perform as expected in generating inquiries or sales, we can help you. Our SEO experts shall closely work with you to ensure things are put right and you claim your rightful position ahead of your competitors.

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A dynamic team of digital nomads, we at Boost Metrics possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing. With an unparalleled level of expertise in areas such as Social Media Marketing, Online Branding, Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Web & App Designing and Development and Online Marketing Consultancy, Boost Metrics is the brainchild of Joey Perera, a driven and talented online marketing specialist.

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