Digital Marketing Trends Set to Expire by 2018

November 29, 2017 - Social Media
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So, in our previous post, we spoke about the Content Marketing Trends that will dominate in 2018. Today let’s see what trends will see their downfall them in the coming year. In a fast-moving field such as digital marketing, it is essential to keep up with trends to ensure you are delivering the best. We will look at six of the dying trends, and some of them are going to blow your mind away.

1. Depending On A Text Based SEO Strategy

SEO is a broad subject that needs to understood well


We all know how important SEO is, and if you do not understand what SEO is I highly recommend that you read our post on the Unscrewing the nuts and bolts of SEO.  

Many view SEO as solely a text-based thing and that is an entirely wrong way to view the subject.

SEO is much more than just entering specific keywords.

Today’s consumers are all about multimedia. Text-based marketing is considered to be old school. People are on the watch for videos, images, and audio more than ever. Services like Google Lens shows us that the future will be entirely built upon multimedia

Note: Simply optimizing the text on your website is not sufficient. You need to optimize your multimedia content (image, videos, and audio files) for efficient searches.

2. Relying on organic only Facebook Strategies

We all know the power of social media marketing, and if you think that it’s going to go away, you are mistaken.

Check out our previous article on the future of content marketing where we discuss the power of social media and how it is the future of content marketing.  With the rise of content comes to the fight for dominance and relying on organic reach is an unwise thing to do.

Facebook organic reach is an all-time low and continues to decline; according to current research, only 2% to 6% of posts are being reached to the relevant audience through pure organic content.

Note: Use Facebook boosted posts and advertising to increase your reach and to make sure you are getting your message delivered to the correct audience at the right time. Timing is one of the most critical factors.

3. E-Books (Yes the long PDF ones)

E-Books were a thing a couple of years ago, and everyone became experts and started putting out their very own E-Books. The reason for this was, monetizing this was easy and everyone got on board and then like everything else the bubble burst.

With people now looking for multimedia content will be almost no text, it is hard to imagine E-Books surviving the upcoming year.

Note: Create content in the form of quizzes, surveys, interactive landing pages, video, and animations

4. Drip Campaigns (With No Personalization)

types of drip campaigns

Different types of drip campaigns which are used can be seen here


Drip campaigns are often executed through email marketing, where pre-written content is automatically sent at predetermined times to engage these contacts. The issue with drip campaigns is that

users get a bunch of emails which are most likely to be ignored.

It is almost impossible to send out a series of email that will apply to an extensive list of contacts and expect to see high engagement rates.

Note: Sending targeted personalized emails with relevant content based on the person’s demographics, online behavior, and recent engagement level.

5. Focusing on quantity instead of Quality in Blogs

We’ve all seen that blog post which has so much of content that you keep scrolling and scrolling and you just read the conclusion part. Consumers want quality content fast that fits what they are looking for.

The internet is saturated with so much of content. Our job is to give out quality information and if that means saying it in a hundred words, please do that. Do not be a word magician and find ways to increase content.

Note: Focus on one subject matter per blog and make sure every blog serves a particular purpose, such as driving leads to a gated piece of content or supporting a recent campaign.

The world of Digital Marketing changes rapidly and things that are trendy today will go out be obsolete in a couple of years. Our job is to stay informed and to adapt to these changes and deliver the best results for our clients.

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