How to be popular in Instagram – What you didn’t know!

September 7, 2017 - Social Media
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Instagram, another tool in social media engagement.

But is it just another tool? Certainly Not!

As per research there are over 3 billion people hooked on social media and included in this is approximately 80 million photo sharing and uploading done on Instagram.

People love to see visuals, live images and live streams and if your target audience has similar traits, then Instagram is one tool that you do not want miss out on.

A common misconception is that businesses that involve in the fashion, travel, food & beverage industry has a competitive advantage when dealing with their respective audience with the Instagram App. Not forgetting the fact that this application is downloadable for free!

Nevertheless, quite surprisingly there are only a mere 30% of actively engaging businesses that are active social media users on Instagram. It is natural for businesses to think that lesser business Instagram profiles will result in lesser competition to enjoy increased followers and social engagement.

However did you know that, Instagram followers has literally sky rocketed its way from nowhere to 700 million active users within a course of just 07 years!

Market research conducted states that a drastic increase in business postings are seeing on Instagram profile feeds and the level of engagements is 04 times more than Facebook engagements.

The downside of this is when more businesses start pouring out their content, the chances of potential eyeballs missing out important content is increased. As Instagram states, the increased frequency in posting can lead to followers missing out nearly 70% posts that maybe of interest towards them.

Now don’t get into rash decisions already, there’s a solution for all!

The Instagram team has come up with an indispensable algorithm which would detect users that has posts which would interest them and pave the way for such content to appear in their feed at a given time. This formulae will also consider the relationship the user has in accordance with the relative posting content in the feed.

Sounds like Facebook, you might say? Yes, indeed!

Who has the time to dissect algorithm nowadays?  For your benefit, we at Boost Metrics are sharing our trade secrets in giving you the tips and tricks of Instagram popularity that you crave or deserve for.

You can Thank us later.

Shall we begin?

  • Have a solid Instagram Strategy

Here’s the key, a killer Instagram strategy is sure to bring you over the top brand awareness much faster than any other advertising method.

This approach can also significantly reduce your costs that would have probably been incurred through print advertising and customer servicing.

A solid strategy can pave your way to increase your profit margins with the increased engagements which would lead to more repurchasing instances.

You probably would have witnessed this already happening with many brands. Some of which you probably would have not heard before, but are creating waves in social channels. Instagram is great to show off your brand personality.

So show it off! Instead of showing who you are, show them what you can do and why you do it.

Simple as that!

You need to give your audience a reason to follow you. The whole reason as people really have no interest on your brand or who you are. All they need to know is what you do, and how it can benefit them.

People don’t want to follow your brand, unless there is some legitimate purpose for them to and this is why your brand needs to focus more on promoting your mission.


  • Give priority to Hashtags

If you an active social media user, by now you are much aware of the importance of hashtags. Targeting audience through hashtags is a necessity when working social platforms such as Twitter.

Yet, how important it is to Instagram? Let’s find out.

If I’m to be entirely direct, hashtags is overly important in Instagram. It is THEE language spoken by the Instagram followers and another way that the engagements keep escalating. A superficial Instagram user can be seen using to a staggering number of 30 hashtags per post.

Yes, that’s the maximum number of hashtags one can load up in.

There’s no such thing as using too many hashtags as the most popular, trending hashtag will give your posts more likes and engagement to your posts.

So your next question should be,

how do you differentiate relevant and popular hashtags?

The process is just as similar to doing a key word research. Be aware of what your competitors are using as hashtags in their posts and use this to gain knowledge on how you need to position yourself or your brand.

  • Discover & engage with popular posts and profiles

Struggling to find out what this process of “engage” actually means?

Let me first tell you why engagement is important.

Engagement is vital in social platforms as it drastically can expand your number of reach. There are 02 critical factors when it comes to advertising and this has been passed down through decades.

That is, Frequency and Reach.

Whilst frequency is important as you certainly do not want to flood your potential customers timeline, reach is considered as a critical aspect when you’re trying to grow your business by being exposed to right audience in large quantities.

The apex of what’s keeping you from getting popular on Instagram is the number of eyeballs your content is getting. The correct reach is what will get you towards your desired level of popularity.

Here’s how to get you started with engaging with content and then take you towards top engaged content.

To get you started off, first start responding to the likes and comments that you’ve received. Go on, reply back to questions, comments and feedback that you may have received to your social profile.

And finally,

Let me end this by stating the fact that it is fruitful to build lasting relationships with your potential followers by creating content that are engaging and same time fun to watch. Keep in mind that among other social platforms, Instagram still has the highest number of engagement for brands and users, hence this platform is something that you should not merely skip on.

To end this, I’m sharing this very informative infographic that will give you insights on just what you need to know when creating a perfect Instagram post for your target audience.


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