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When it comes to generating content for your PBN, it is very important that you get the best writers for the job. Remember, there are thousands of blog posts out there, competing on the same niche or field with you. More often than not, most PBN owners rely on various websites/tools. But hand written articles are always more preferable to articles done on writing websites, anytime, any day. There is something unique and refreshing about a blog or article written by someone who clearly understands the topic, and who is sufficiently briefed on the subject matter. At Boost Metrics, we boast of a professional and highly creative team of blog and article writers, all in house.

Why Boost Metrics?

You see, Google and other major search engines continue to raise the bar in regards to what kind of content can be ranked at the top. It’s not enough that a blog has the required word count; does it help the reader answer the fundamental questions? Is the article informative, unique and not a regurgitated piece that is far from original? These are some of the things that set us apart; all our writers at Boost Metrics are all young, dynamic, and native speakers of the English language. Whatever Niche or topics your PBN deals with, our writers are able to visualize it, and cleverly put in words.

$ 4 for PBN articles, isn’t that a bit too much?

Well, good PBN content is expensive to have. Even on major writing sites like the ones mentioned above, the writers are ranked depending on quality, and the higher ranked up a writer is, the more $$ it’ll costs to have such handle your projects. Usually, a nicely done and proofread blog article by a 5 Star writer could cost you up to $ 12 on some of these writing sites. Considering that our writers are world class writers who are as experienced as they are qualified, our rate of $ 4 is really a great offer! We don’t just write your blog articles with an aim to complete and submit them back. Rather, we visualize your targeted segment of the market, consider your business goals and objectives, then blend in all those in one powerful and captivating article.

Hand written article are then keenly proofread by our editors;

Once our writers have submitted their work, we have 3 full time editors who proofread each piece, and ensure that everything is top notch. We handle both urgent and bulk assignments, any day of the week!


Take advantage of this great offer by Boost Metrics; try us and see how $4 can instantly propel your site to the top of the major search engines overnight.