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think global and act local

After reading the title, I’m sure you must be confused. Heck the title sounds conflicting. How can you think locally to go Globally? Well, actually companies have been doing this in one form or another for quite some time.

A prime example of this is HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank), who in an early bank advertisement, positioned themselves as the “world’s local bank”, valuing local customs and business practices to give customers and themselves an edge.

This same approach can be adapted to digital marketing, to help you grow in your respective geo markets by adapting and catering specifically to them.

Break up your brand profiles

A lot of franchise companies are experts at this, to ensure maximum local coverage, they would break up the brands coverage and customise as per the region or country. This would include localised websites and social media profiles. These platforms can then solely focus on marketing and serving the customers in that specific geo market.

Let your ambassadors do the talking

Car companies and fast food restaurants do this all the time. This tactic goes hand in hand with the approach mentioned above. Breaking up your brand and localising it can be tough from an international perspective, so why not let your authorised dealer of franchisee handle it for you. Their local insight and cultural knowledge may be able to give you the edge your brand needs to compete in the global field on a local scale.

In terms of offsite SEO, this can be a goldmine, with your local ambassadors’ internet presence linking back to you, thereby sending link juice up the chain with their collective efforts. This in tandem to the global office’s own internet marketing efforts will make your brand a force to be reckoned with in international SERPS.

Localise with local domains

There is no better way to boost local relevance than by local domains (ccTLDS), these help build brand relevance in their specific region and can host a localised site or redirect to your global site.

These are excellent for local citations, local review and social signals which will help send link juice across the board.

Local domains and servers are a big plus in restrictive markets like China who tightly control access to international sites, in fact Yandex, the biggest search engine in China would prefer listing of verified, local domains, this means the target audience can access information about your brand without any red tape.

N.A.P will put you on the M.A.P

Going local means having a local office, showroom or shop, but if the local agent for your brand cannot be located or contacted, then people cannot purchase your product or service.

While this may seem obvious, quite a lot of companies fail to make themselves accessible in their local markets. A simple addition of the following:

  • Map pin
  • Telephone
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Social media links

Will go a long way in ensuring that people can connect with you brand. From an internet marketing perspective, having your address and related particulars online for reference will helps search engines index you better and with greater relevance. This will help a brand rank well within a particular city or zip code.

Do you speak my language?

If having multiple website is too costly and difficult manage, or you simply do not trust your franchisee’s with the task, there is a simple way to ensure your geo markets can still connect with your brand, and that is with a multi lingual website.

A multi lingual website maybe a little time consuming, but it is a great way of increasing your brands localised connectivity with multiple geo markets through one platform. This is tandem with local domains can be a powerful marketing tool.

Are you locally optimised?

Keywords make the net go round, they are the foundation of any good digital marketing campaign. But, no 2 keyword phrases are the same, make sure your brand has a localised keyword strategy for each region you tackle. Sometimes little things like misspellings and localised phrases can mean the difference between leader and loser.

So, to summarise, here is the final checklist to going global by going local:

  • Break up your brand profiles
  • Let your ambassadors do the talking
  • Localise with local domains
  • A.P will put you on the M.A.P
  • Do you speak my language?

Follow these steps and you will dominate local SEO on a global scale.