The Future Trends of Social Media You Need to Know

December 7, 2017 - Social Media
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Social media is an ever-changing platform, and many fall behind due to the reason for not keeping up with the latest trends. Yes! You are read that right, many marketers are NOT keeping up with the latest trends, and they are losing more than they realize.

Why we decided to talk about this topic is we see companies making a lot of social media marketing mistakes without understanding the concept and realizing the new trends.

We see lack of adoption of new channels. Negligence of mobile-first users. Reluctance to try video and the one most of you are guilty of the FEAR of spending money on social adverts.

The sad truth many social media marketers are not have not changed even though social media has changed.

We Need to Re-Think and have a new approach to social media marketing

When we talk about social media, the first thing we are going to address is Facebook (Obviously). It is one of the fastest growing, super well known, super trusted, and one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Facebook’s success as a business is related to their success in mobile. Five years ago Mobile represented only 10% of Facebook’s annual revenue, and it accounts for 82%. Facebook was able to move with users from desktop to mobile and create a new stream of revenue that compared with a significant shift in consumer behavior.

This success has allowed Facebook to expand, given them the means to buy companies like Instagram and WhatsApp, and build new products like Messenger.

Here is a fun fact: The average person globally now spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook.

Check out how Facebook has evolved over the past couple of years.

5 Social Media Trends of the Future

1. New Social Media Channels


Messenger is one of Facebook’s recent super hit products, along with Instagram, WhatsApp and Snapchat these are some of the channels that are now dominating social media.

A couple of years ago Social Media was the big three: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.. You aimed to engage and grow communities on these desktop based channels. The idea was to gain enough likes and followers so that you had a reliable distribution channel for your content.

Social media channels have now expanded to new horizons, and networks like Snapchat, Reddit, YouTube, WhatsApp are gaining dominance.

As marketers, we should realize this shifting trends and act accordingly.

A modern social media marketing strategy turns sites into a conversion funnels in and of themselves. They create fantastic content that brings attention and use ads and technology to convert those users in the network. No emails, No landing pages. This is true for all social media networks now, not just Instagram

In our previous post, we discussed the future of content marketing and how fresh content will lead the way.

2. Video

Instagram was one of the first visually focused social networks. First, it was almost all pictures. That trend continued to evolve towards video. Check out our previous post on how to step up your Instagram game

Video has become the unspoken currency of social media. People want video. You may have noticed how much more video you see on your Facebook and LinkedIn feeds.

All of this has already happened. It is not new. You must act now, or you will miss out and risk becoming irrelevant.

A video should be part of all your marketing campaigns. Facebook live is the best example to show that video is here to stay. You need to figure out what works for your audience. You have to get started now if you have not already.

See how Snapchat is revolutionizing the social media space

3. Mobile First Approach

Almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone in their pockets. Wifi is now everywhere. This has made consuming content on mobile much more accessible.

80% of social usage now comes from mobile devices. Social media is growing like crazy, and nearly all of it is coming from mobile first or mobile only users.

You should encourage users to start conversations through messenger. Leads/ Customer prefer messenger as it is easier to explain a sure thing and get a direct response. Having access to people through messaging means have a live, mobile first channel to people.

Start building a plan for how you can start messenger conversations now.

4. Social Ads

Many companies are not willing to spend on social ads, but if they realize the how powerful it can be, they will use it. It is our job to provide you with up to date information. Moreover, what we have to say is start using Social Ads.

You do not always have to be running ads or use them for every campaign. However, if you cannot efficiently use paid media to amplify your inbound marketing strategy, you are going to lose to the competition.

Ads are your main path to lead conversion in social media now.

Facebook and LinkedIn both now have excellent lead generation solutions built for a mobile audience

Ads do not have to be part of every campaign, but you should always consider it.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Okay now, this may sound irrelevant to this topic. However, the power of AI and machine learning is something we need to understand and utilize fully.

No other marketing channel has gripped AI like social media marketing. It decides what content you see, what ads you are served, and how you engage with your friends.

In many ways AI defines social.

Everything delivered is defined by a machine learning algorithm specific to individuals.

Facebook and other social channels have now made the same AI that powers what content is shown to whom and whom to show your ads.

When you run Facebook ads, for instance, you have a powerful toolset of AI at your fingertips. Depending on Facebook to target and optimize your ads is an excellent idea.

If you want to learn how to create a stunning content and promotion plan, check out our previous post by Joey

Facebook has changed the world, mobile and video are here to stay, social ads are the way forward, and it is time to leverage AI and machine learning.

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