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Boost metrics has a proven track record of delivering as promised on all objectives, see why we are becoming the definitive choice in Digital Marketing for Sri Lanka.

Case Studies

SEO for Food and Beverage Industry

Are you in the food and beverage industry, and wish to see your business take the online community by storm? Then you should clearly try our SEO services, we are pros in helping business gain an online foothold, and compete effectively. We have helped numerous businesses get ranked at the top, not for a day or a week, but for several months! When your brand is ranked top on the search engines, the prospects of converting all visitors to your site into regular are greatly enhanced. The food and beverage industry is a highly competitive one, and unless you’ve positioned your brand strategically online, you risk losing your competitive edge. Our SEO services entail us using a combination of the right keywords, catchy content, and use of visuals and images, to ensure that your site emerges at the top of search engines for as long as is necessary.




SEO for Charity Organizations

Charity organizations do a great, noble job and nowadays, they are turning to the online platform to expand their operations. Boost Metrics is your professional SEO partner, as youseek to establish a robust and effective website for your organization. Seeing that most Charity organizations have partners in almost all corners of globe, we strive to design sites that are ranked top, not just within your country of operation, but globally! When your charity organization is ranked top there, any interested donors of partners will easily get to you first, before they go to another organization.We have great experience working with charitable organizations; in some cases our clients were still ranked top 3 after a period of 4 months, which is no small feat. We know how to correctly sprinkle the keywords within the site, use vivid and interesting images and photos; we even help you phrase a catchy, unique Motto or Vision for your organization.


SEO for Real Estate

Your reputation, the way you brand your company and services; all these aspects matter a lot in real estate. And at a time when clients are increasingly turning online to identify and purchase properties, we have emerged as the leading SEO and digital marketers for real estate companies. We can help design a site for your services, and guarantee you 100% that it will find its way to the top of the search engines. This is not just a marketing promise or exaggeration; we have done it previously, we can do it again. We will help design your site in a way that it pulls most traffic; when a visitor does a search, your company shall be the first result for them. Depending on whether you are selling or buying property locally, or want to reach a global audience, we will ensure that you gain a competitive edge online.



SEO for Transportation

Are you in the transportation industry, and wish to reach out to as many commuters and passengers as possible? We are the leading SEO experts to help you design, not just a top ranked site for your services, but also one that is mobile friendly. At Boost Metrics, we are keenly aware of the fact that nowadays, many commuters, passengers, use mobile phones to monitor traffic, book online, and so on so forth. In that regard, we’ll help design a site that is mobile phone friendly; a site that loads fast, and is easily navigable even when one has a hand held gadget. This is the newest trick in SEO, and we can use it to enhance your profitability. We’ll help your site get ranked number 1 for several months, both locally and globally. Just try us today, and see your business make it to the top of the search engines.


SEO for Fitness & Gym Equipments

Can you imagine being ranked top, and on the first page of the search engines for 3 months? This is exactly what we promise sellers or manufacturers of fitness and gym equipments. Our SEO consultancy services will help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors. We help you design a brand that is comprehensive, catchy, and bound to attract the attention of all visitors. Part of being pro SEO consultants is helping businesses grab the attention of a visitor online, and hold it till they visit their site. Once that visitor makes time to visit your site, you’re halfway there towards converting them into a customer. We have helped fitness and gym equipment sellers and buyers in Sri Lanka to enhance their profitability by having them ranked top, in the search engines. We walk with you each step of the way to ensure that you retain the top spot for as many months as are necessary.





The Type of Businesses We Work With

Before we undertake any SEO project, we first of all make a decision whether we are the right kind of SEO company to work with your business. We prefer working with clients who understand what business entails and are willing to expend every effort and investment to stay ahead of competition.

Businesses that value customer relationships and understand the impact of positive customer experiences on sales are likely to do well when we bring them onboard. This is because we supplement their dedication and effort on social media platforms through time-tested SEO strategies.

We enjoy working with businesses that acknowledge the role of SEO and content marketing in creating fantastic opportunities for expanding online market share. Such businesses experience boundless possibilities in doing business and growing their revenues.

Therefore if you are a start-up, in the early stages of developing your business digital strategy or stuck with a website that does not perform as expected in generating inquiries or sales, we can help you. Our SEO experts shall closely work with you to ensure things are put right and you claim your rightful position ahead of your competitors.

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A dynamic team of digital nomads, we at Boost Metrics possess extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing. With an unparalleled level of expertise in areas such as Social Media Marketing, Online Branding, Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Web & App Designing and Development and Online Marketing Consultancy, Boost Metrics is the brainchild of Joey Perera, a driven and talented online marketing specialist.

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