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This Is How You Become A Instagram Stories Pro

Social media is all about personal documentation. If you understand this, you will go far. 

Instagram Stories is simply seconds-long glimpses of a users life, shared on Instagram for only 24 hours.

In a previous post we showed that disappearing content is going to be the future. You can read it here

You already know the basics of sharing a story, but the hidden tools within the app that can make the photos …Read More


A Comprehensive Guide to LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

LinkedIn is a highly valuable social tool to network with like-minded professionals. However, people do not utilize the full potential of this professional social network.

What many do not realize is that it is also a highly useful marketing platform.

You have used Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools to create targeted content and you may ask yourself whether you need another platform for this. Surprisingly yes. You have more …Read More

Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide

Simple steps to get started, NOW. The following steps have been explained in detail below.


Go to the News Feed, and tap the “Live” option denoted by the camcorder icon.
Give Facebook access to your camera and mic when prompted.
Choose your privacy setting.
Write a compelling description.
Tag friends, choose a location or add an activity.
Set up your camera view.
Add lenses, filters, or writing and drawing to …Read More

Pile of 3D Popular Social Media Logos

The Future Trends of Social Media You Need to Know

Social media is an ever-changing platform, and many fall behind due to the reason for not keeping up with the latest trends. Yes! You are read that right, many marketers are NOT keeping up with the latest trends, and they are losing more than they realize.


Why we decided to talk about this topic is we see companies making a lot of social media marketing mistakes without understanding the concept …Read More

digital marketing

Digital Marketing Trends Set to Expire by 2018

So, in our previous post, we spoke about the Content Marketing Trends that will dominate in 2018. Today let’s see what trends will see their downfall them in the coming year. In a fast-moving field such as digital marketing, it is essential to keep up with trends to ensure you are delivering the best. We will look at six of the dying trends, and some of them are going to …Read More

content marketing trends

Content Marketing Trends in 2018

Content marketing is an area which is seeing the emergence of new trends. Today we are going to give you the content marketing trends that will dominate the market in 2018 and how you can use these to your benefit.

From content creation to distribution to consumption, new technology is forcing brands to rethink how to use content effectively. It is clear that technology plays a crucial role in running the …Read More

How to be popular in Instagram – What you didn’t know!

Instagram, another tool in social media engagement.
But is it just another tool? Certainly Not!
As per research there are over 3 billion people hooked on social media and included in this is approximately 80 million photo sharing and uploading done on Instagram.

People love to see visuals, live images and live streams and if your target audience has similar traits, then Instagram is one tool that you do not want miss out …Read More

Smart SEO Practice

Pattern Matching; A Smart SEO Practice That Few Practitioners Have Embraced

The fact that Google and other major search engines value high quality content is no secret. Every SEO practitioner will tell you that if you want your site to get top ranking, attract massive organic traffic, and maintain that status for a while, then you must have the right content in your pages. But what you are hardly told, is this; how does Google determine what is high quality, or …Read More

budget online marketing

4 Awesome Tips for Digital Marketing On a Tight Budget

Ever since Boost Metrics was founded, we have always strived to work with both large and small businesses, helping them gain a robust, unrivaled online presence. We have helped numerous businesses gain a foothold on this new online frontier, where the battle for profits and customers is now being fought. One thing that we have observed over the years is the fear, and hesitation that most individuals and businesses have …Read More

think global and act local

How can you think locally to go Globally?

After reading the title, I’m sure you must be confused. Heck the title sounds conflicting. How can you think locally to go Globally? Well, actually companies have been doing this in one form or another for quite some time.
A prime example of this is HSBC (Hong Kong Shanghai Bank), who in an early bank advertisement, positioned themselves as the “world’s local bank”, valuing local customs and business practices to give …Read More