How to be popular in Instagram – What you didn’t know!

Instagram, another tool in social media engagement.
But is it just another tool? Certainly Not!
As per research there are over 3 billion people hooked on social media and included in this is approximately 80 million photo sharing and uploading done on Instagram.

People love to see visuals, live images and live streams and if your target audience has similar traits, then Instagram is one tool that you do not want miss out …Read More

Smart SEO Practice

Pattern Matching; A Smart SEO Practice That Few Practitioners Have Embraced

The fact that Google and other major search engines value high quality content is no secret. Every SEO practitioner will tell you that if you want your site to get top ranking, attract massive organic traffic, and maintain that status for a while, then you must have the right content in your pages. But what you are hardly told, is this; how does Google determine what is high quality, or …Read More

content writing

How to Get Hand Written PBN Articles for $4 from Boost Metrics

When it comes to generating content for your PBN, it is very important that you get the best writers for the job. Remember, there are thousands of blog posts out there, competing on the same niche or field with you. More often than not, most PBN owners rely on various websites/tools. But hand written articles are always more preferable to articles done on writing websites, anytime, any day. There is …Read More

Conversion Rates

How to Write the Best Content and How it Can Enhance Your Conversion Rates

Having the right content strategy and digital marketing plan can tremendously power up your website. Great content is never about big words, lengthy sentences, or long and boring paragraphs. Rather, it is always about being informative and simple! Remember the old Shakespeare saying, that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication?” Well, if you are going to build a solid readership base for your content, and convert that into a sales lead, …Read More

Landing Pages

A Guide To Design Safe Local SEO Landing Pages

In today’s world, businesses have a tall task ensuring that they don’t just have an online presence, but that they rank highly on the major search engines. Regardless of whether the business is small or a big one, it is very important that it ranks highly within a certain market segment. Local SEO landing pages are commonly used to help businesses increase their rankings within a given area or locality. …Read More

SEO before Designing Your Site

Benefits of Having SEO before Designing Your Site

Should one really begin SEO before they’ve designed their website, or should it be the other way? Depending on whom you ask, this question has become like the age old riddle of who’s older between the chicken, and the egg! Yet, experts are increasingly opting to commence SEO long before they have designed websites. Rather than designing site and then think of how to optimize it, it would be more …Read More


Google Vs Keyword Anchor Text; A Bitter Sweet Love Affair

Just a few years ago, keyword anchor texts were the holy grail of SEO practices; every SEO expert or practitioner will remember how search engines couldn’t resist anchored texts. Usually, a link with the anchor text “best dental services” would easily get top ranking in the category of the best dental clinics around. But before long, major search engines like Google started displaying signs of displeasure with this newly found …Read More

Digital Marketing Trends

The Digital Marketing Trends to Fix Your Eyeballs on in 2016

The digital landscape keeps on shifting and the pace can be overwhelming particularly for beginner marketers. The new software, hardware and user demands are reshaping this industry hence the need to stay up to date as far as the latest digital trends are concerned. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, your focus should be on identifying the next big movement in the digital marketing arena because that …Read More


A Comprehensive WordPress SEO by Yoast

If you are a regular WordPress user, chances are you have come across WordPress SEO by Yoast. This plugin has over 1 million active installs and more than 2.4 million downloads. Apparently, it is one of the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. The question therefore is – what makes this plugin so popular and is it worth the hype?

Overview of WordPress SEO by Yoast
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Using WeChat for Business

Have you thought of how many customers you lose by not responding to their queries on time? Well, if you haven’t, it is important you consider it because unlike in the years past, today’s customers are not only demanding, but also impatient to some extent. In order to score big in the digital space, it is important you put your best foot forward as far as communication is concerned. Mobile …Read More